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New Jersey - Sharona's House - Late Morning

“1..2..3..4..5..6...” Sharona counted out loud as she picked up a wet towel off the floor of the bathroom. She was very close to losing her temper, and counting to ten would either help her combat that...or it would make her out of breath enough that she couldn't yell at those who had put those wet towels on the floor. Opening the hamper, she saw that it was full to the rim of dirty clothes, threatening to spill out onto the floor. “7..8..9” She dragged the hamper out of the bathroom and set it nearby the laundry basket full of clothes she had already gathered from her and Trevor’s bedroom.

Sharona sighed as she looked at the pile of laundry; this was at least 3 loads worth…and she hadn’t even gotten to Benjy’s room yet. Although lately Benjy had just been wearing the same baggy jeans and black sweatshirt, so she didn’t anticipate as much laundry as Trevor accumulated. She didn’t have any idea how that man created as much stuff as he did. Dirty laundry all over the bedroom, wet towels on the bathroom floor, messy dishes in the living room, and muddy shoes on the kitchen floor. It was the muddy shoes that bothered her the most. She had asked Trevor to take his shoes off, but he refused to do it; and every time she saw those shoes she had to get out the Swiffer and mop up the mess. Maybe it was a Monk thing.

Sharona paused at that thought. She had talked to Adrian Monk a few times, but they hadn’t really shared anything since she came back her to try things out with Trevor. Adrian didn’t really want her to go, and it wasn’t till she had left that she realized his protests weren’t only about leaving him without help. Adrian didn’t trust Trevor, didn’t trust that he would be the best for her and Benjy. But she had left anyway. Come all the way to Jersey to try and see if she could make this relationship work. Trevor wanted to get married…but she wasn’t sure yet. She wasn’t sure that she felt like that with him. Like she felt like her home was here in Jersey. Home seemed warmer. Home seemed closer to a bay. Home seemed…filled with crime, and cops, and one ‘defective detective.’ But she had promised to make a try.

A series of thumps sounded behind her, and Sharona turned in time to see both the hamper and the basket tumble down the stairs, knocking into the bookshelf at the landing and tipping a vase of flowers onto the floor. Sharona sat on the top stair and stared at the clothes, flowers and broken glass below her. She felt something wet underneath her and she reached down, pulling a wet towel up and staring at it.

"10" With that, Sharona tossed the towel onto the mess below her.

She hadn’t promised to try for very long…
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