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Natalie Teeger's House - San Francisco - Late Morning

Natalie woke early that morning, preparing for the usual phone call from Adrian Monk, for her to drive him wherever he'd need to go. However, this particular morning it was different. The house had a strange silence, and even Julie asked her mother what was going on, if she and the sleuth had had an argument.

"No, nothing out of the ordinary. He usually calls by this time," she replied.

She had gotten used to being depended on by the former detective, and scratched her head as she stared at the blank answering machine and the silent phone.

"Julie, did you erase any messages this morning? Wait, never mind--"

She then realized that Adrian Monk hated to leave messages on answering machines, and she thought back to whatever phone conversations she was involved with that morning. None. Monk was the only person who called her anymore. It made her feel melancholy, to have such a reduced social life.

Could Monk be hurt? Could he be immobilized, unable to reach the phone? The blonde assistant couldn't help but jump to conclusions. Adrian had always been so routine, and now he himself was deviating from it. She glanced over at the receiver, considering calling her employer.

Eh, he probably won't hear it, she mused. He's probably vacuuming away at the moment...
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