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Monk on the Mind

Cleanest game on the west coast

Monk on the Mind - RP Community
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Welcome to AU land. Yes, we'll be breaking from the canon storyline in our little roleplay. How? Well... it will start at the point when Sharona decides to leave. Instead of returning to New Jersey with her ex-husband, Monk's confidante has left to care for her sick mother(the original exit ploy for her character). During the time she's away, Monk does indeed run into Natalie Teeger and, as per canon, helps to solve her case. As a result, both characters will coexist in MotM.

Hopefully, our game will pick up at Sharona's return to San Francisco.

Every Monk fan is encouraged to apply. See the journal for the list of available parts. Original characters (OCs) are most welcome as well.


Currently, I'm aiming for a 15+ rating. Any players under fifteen are encouraged to request parent permission before reading the threads. Anything unusually graphic must be placed behind an LJ cut.

Canon characters:
Every player accepted to fill the role of a canon character -- especially the primary ones -- is expected to treat that personality with the respect he or she deserves. Only serious roleplayers need apply. All such persons are required to keep a personal journal for their characters, which entails logging thoughts and ideas frequently; we want these people as three-dimensional as humanly possible. All comments posted to these entries by others must remain in character as well.

Some crossovers from other mystery/crime television shows will be permitted provided you can come up with a good excuse for them to be in Monk's neighborhood. Now... other than Monk and House, M.D., I don't watch much television. Consequently, I'll have to trust that your characterization is on target.

Original characters:
These must be approved by the community. Original characters may involve Monk's clients, villains, neighbors, business owners, or even random people that the canon characters befriend.

Practically any human/animal not controlled by another player. Feel free to include them in your posts, but please play these realistically.

All violence must be attempted -- no assuming, for instance, that the rock you throw knocks the bad guy out. Additionally, weapons such as guns must be approved by me. The police will have a record of legal weapons, but those registered with me as illegal will be kept on a private record.

Alright. This system is still under construction, but here's what I've come up with so far --
I'm going to cast someone's OC as our 'reporter.'This individual will be put in charge of a separate community -- essentially a column about unusual crimes in the newspaper -- and will have the freedom to write whatever applies. Both Monk and the police force are welcome to use this information. For other crimes, anyone is permitted to either hire Monk or call the cops. These will be set up by a) a villain or, if a PC one is not involved, b) the player of the character that calls in.

No one can be in two places at once; please finish up one thread before moving on to the next. If you happen to be the one starting a new thread, be sure to include the location in the subject. Note: Exceptions might be made for telephone calls.

When responding to dialogue uttered by another character, please include said text -- with italics -- in your post. This will make it infinitely less painful to follow a thread involving more than two people.

...Under construction...